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Participation: (PDF version)

Each team must be registered with USA Hockey or CAHA. Other foreign teams need to be approved through USA Hockey. Foreign teams need travel permits. Each team must provide the Tournament Committee with proof of such registration, including individual team members registered during the registration period prior to opening ceremonies. A credential committee will check all necessary documents before each team's first game. Any variation from credentials will result in team or player not playing without approval from appropriate Minnesota Hockey individual (District Director).


Only USA registered referees will be allowed to officiate. All referee decisions are final.

Play of the game:

All games will be played according to USA Hockey rules, as amended by Minnesota Hockey rules, as amended by District 16 rules, as modified by the Bemidji Youth Hockey Association.

Score book:

The Tournament Committee or its appointed workers will keep the official score book. Only members of the committee or it's workers will be allowed in the scorekeepers box.

Team Roster:

Each team will furnish a team roster and starting lineup to the official scorekeeper at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of each game. A maximum of twenty (20) players will be allowed in the roster. A team is allowed to have only 4 coaches on the bench, and all coaches need the appropriate education (if USA Hockey Teams). Managers, stick boys, etc. are not allowed on the bench. However, the Bemidji Youth Hockey Squirt escorts are allowed to be on the bench (with helmet) if invited by the team.

Home Team:

All teams listed first are home team and will wear light jerseys. If team has only one color, please advise at time of registration.

Dressing Rooms:

The Team Managers or Coaches must report to the arena supervisor forty-five (45) minutes before the scheduled game time to get their locker assignment and complete game sheets (Check with admissions table to help find supervisor.) Coaches must have car keys available at this time to exchange for locker room key. Each team must be in their dressing room thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. You are asked to keep the dressing room clean. Any damage will be the responsibility of the team management. Arena supervisor will inspect locker rooms immediately after the team has cleared out and return coach's car keys after the locker room is found in satisfactory condition.

Rules of the Game:

Penalties: Minor - 2:00; Major - 5:00; Misconduct - 10:00. Should a player obtain a total of five (5) penalties during the play of any game, the player will be ejected from that game and the team's next game.
Fighting: A five (5) minute major will be assessed plus a game suspension and tournament suspension. Suspension will be reported in writing to the player's respective association for further disciplinary action should it be required.
End of Game: Upon completion of the game and handshake, the winning team (if tied game - the home team) must retire to the bench until the visiting team has cleared the ice.
Improper Behavior: Improper behavior by anyone will result in removal from the arena and/or tournament. Any abusive language or conduct towards game officials by players, coaches, managers, or parents will result in a minor penalty plus game misconduct. If occurring after the end of game, that player will be out for all of the next game.


Each team must provide its own insurance coverage. The tournament, its officials, the arena facilities, and all personnel connected with it shall not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the tournament. Each team should bring with them a verification of insurance coverage. No team will be permitted to play without proof of insurance.


The tournament committee's decision will be final in any and all matters not covered in the above.


A Physician, Nurse, First Responder, Certified Athletic Trainer, Athletic Student Trainer, or Emergency Medical Technician will be in attendance at all games.

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