Registration Acceptance

To continue providing diversified competition in the Paul Bunyan International Hockey Tournament, registration applications will be accepted on a “first to register basis” and according to the following criteria:

– by accepting a maximum of three additional MN District 16 teams
– by accepting a maximum of nine Minnesota teams

Each team that registers will be notified immediately regarding their acceptance or wait-list status. Those teams that are wait-listed, will be listed according to registration date, and wait-listed until August 15th. If, on this date, the tournament is not filled to capacity with diversified teams, those wait-listed will be accepted. All teams will be notified.

Registration Form

Eligibility dates for Minnesota Hockey:

Minnesota’s eligibility: June 1, 2009 through May 31, 2011
USA sanctioned teams: January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011

Non-refundable entry fee of $1495.00

*Gate fee included. In previous years, the entry fee and gate fees have been assessed separately. We are now combining these fees.

There will be NO GATE FEES for spectators.

Payment can be made out to:


Payment to be sent to:

Paul Bunyan International Hockey Tournament
PO Box 1806
Bemidji, MN 56619