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Past Tournament Results

Championship Games Broadcast Archives (Listen online or right-click and save)
2019:  Championship | Lumberjack | Blue Ox
2018:  Championship | Lumberjack | Blue Ox | Headwaters
2017:  Championship | Lumberjack | Blue Ox | Headwaters
2016/2017:   Championship | Lumberjack | Blue Ox | Headwaters
2015/2016:   Championship | Lumberjack | Blue Ox | Headwaters


PBIHT Champions Bemidji, MN
Lumberjack Portage Lake, MI
Blue Ox Eveleth-Gilbert, MN
Headwaters -


2019 2018 2017 2016/2017
PBIHT Champions Bemidji, MN Roseau, MN GF Greyhounds, ND Hermantown, MN
Lumberjack Grand Forks Red, ND Hastings, MN GF Seawolves, ND Minot, ND
Blue Ox Minnetonka, MN GF Greyhounds, ND Bemidji, MN East Grand Forks, MN
Headwaters - Brainerd, MN Northern Lakes, MN Wayzata, MN


2016 2015 2014 2013
PBIHT Champions St.Cloud, MN St.Cloud, MN Andover, MN Brainerd, MN
Lumberjack Champlin Park, MN Grand Rapids, MN Hermantown, MN GF Greyhounds, ND
Blue Ox Brainerd, MN Fargo Blue, ND Eagan, MN Cloquet, MN
Headwaters Bismark White, ND Eagan, MN Crookston, MN Bemidji, MN

2012 2011 2010 2009
PBIHT Champions Grand Forks, ND St. Cloud, MN Bemidji, MN St. Cloud, MN
Lumberjack Hermantown, MN Keweenaw, MI Fort Frances, ON, Can Bemidji, MN
Blue Ox Keweenaw, MI Cloquet, MN St. Cloud, MN Grand Forks, ND
Headwaters Fergus Falls, MN Hermantown, MN Sioux Falls, SD Crookston, MN

2008 2007 2006 2005
PBIHT Champions Cloquet, MN Grand Forks, ND Grand Forks, ND Crookston, MN
Lumberjack Roseau, MN Fort Frances, ON, Can Bemidji, MN Bemidji, MN
Blue Ox St. Cloud, MN Hastings, MN Lake of the Woods, MN Grand Rapids, MN
Headwaters Crookston, MN Armstrong, MN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

1998 1997 1995-96 1994
Champion Ft. Frances, ON, Can Grafton, ND Ft. Frances, ON, Can Ninji Novgorod, Russia
Runner-Up Ft. Frances, ON, Can East Grand Forks, MN Magnitogorsk, Russia
Third Place Grand Forks, ND Grand Forks, ND St. Cloud, MN
Fourth Place South St. Paul, MN Bemidji, MN Fergus Falls, MN
Fifth Place International Falls, MN Fairbanks, AK Steinbach, MB, Can
Consolation Madison, WI Ft. Frances, ON, Can
Cons. Runner-up Minneapolis SW, MN

1993 1992 1991
Champion Grand Forks, ND Thompson, MB, Can Marquette, MI
Runner-Up Ft Frances, ON, Can Ft. Frances, ON, Can Ft. Garry, MB, Can
Third Place Assiniboine Park, MB, Can Warroad, MN Proctor, MN
Fourth Place Bemidji, MN Sioux City, IA Cloquet, MN
Fifth Place Virginia, MN Estevan, SK, Can Ft. Frances, ON, Can
Consolation Eagan, MN Grand Forks, ND Greenway, MN
Cons. Runner-up Minneapolis SW, MN Fergus Falls, MN Detroit Lakes, MN

1990 1989 1988
Champion Duluth, MN Ft Frances, ON, Can Los Angeles, CA
Runner-Up Alexandria, MN Fargo South, ND Faibanks, AK
Third Place Fergus Falls, MN Winkler, MB, Can South St. Paul, MN
Fourth Place Bemidji, MN St. Cloud, MN Fargo, ND
Fifth Place Brainerd, MN Bemidji, MN Ft. Frances, ON, Can
Consolation Grand Forks, ND Winnipeg, MB, Can Mason City, IA
Cons. Runner-up Fargo, ND Detroit Lakes, MN Warroad, MN



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